Dr. Coyt D. Hargus

Dr. Coyt D. Hargus is Acting Director of International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor to the commander Air Combat Command. Dr. Hargus is a retired Foreign Area Officer (FAO) with an extensive professional and academic background in international affairs, intelligence, and national security strategy. In his current role, he serves as command focal point and advisor to the commander ACC on politico-military affairs, policy analysis, and global US strategic interests.  In addition to leading the Directorate’s daily operations, Dr. Hargus provides executive supervision of the Directorate’s Security Cooperation, International Engagements, and Politico-Military Affairs Divisions in the execution of command-wide foreign programs impacting US strategic partners. In order to advance command interests, Dr. Hargus commonly communicates across the interagency and directly with foreign leadership to insure the timely flow of information.

In 2016-2017, Dr. Hargus deployed to Ukraine as the Senior Defense Advisor to Ukraine, under the SecDef-mandated Ministry of Defense Advisor Program where he served in multiple simultaneous roles while leading the US defense reform and advisory effort. Seconded by US-NATO as the US-Deputy to NATO’s Ukraine efforts, he worked to sync all partner assistance with the growing US aid/advisory effort in Ukraine. As a result, he was honored with Ukrainian medals presented by their Ministry of the Interior and Minister of Defense, and earned the US Meritorious Civilian Service Medal.
As a former commander of the US Army parachute infantry and special operations units, Dr. Hargus earned his designation as a Mid-East FAO and has since served throughout the US Government in a variety of strategic intelligence and foreign policy postings, which include assignments across US government agencies and US diplomatic missions in the Middle East and Africa. Based upon that analytical experience, Dr. Hargus then assume leadership and analytical roles within NATO intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security.

Academically, Dr. Hargus’ doctorate encompasses is in Public Policy and Administration with both Counterterror and Homeland Security specializations, and he has masters’ degrees on both Middle Eastern Studies and Joint Planning and National Strategy. Dr. Hargus continues to serve as an Adjunct Professor in Homeland Security, National Security Strategy, and Mid-East Studies programs. Widely published on related topics, Dr. Hargus routinely lectures US intelligence and national security officials on Arab culture, Islam, fundamentalism, counter-terrorism, and related US national security topics.

1984 Enlisted, Chemical Warfare Specialist, Mo.
1985 Special Operations Parachute Course, Fort McCoy, Wis.
1986 Distinguished Military Graduate, ROTC, Arkansas Technical University, Ark.
1987 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Engineering, Arkansas Technical University, Ark.
1987 Infantry Officer’s Basic Course, Ga.
1988 Air Assault School, Ky.
1989 Strategic Movements and Hazardous Cargo Deployment Course, Ky.
1990 Marksmanship Training Unit, “Sniper” School, Ky.
1990 Rappel Master’s Course, Ky.
1992 Infantry Officer’s Advance Course, Ga.
1992 Jungle Warfare School, Panama
1994 Parachute Jump Master’s (Parachute) Course, Panama
1996 Army Command and General Staff College, Kan.
1997 Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic), Defense Language Institute, Calif.
1997 Foreign Area Officer’s Course, Calif.
1998 Army War College (in Arabic), Amman, Jordan
2000 Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas, Austin, Texas
2001 Foreign Disclosure Official’s Courses (CENTCOM, SOCOM, DIA), Fla.
2005 Analytical Thinking for Intelligence, DIA, England
2006 Intelligence Writing Course, CIA, England
2007 Homeland Security Intelligence Officer Course, Federal Law Enforcement Center, Ga.
2008 Joint, Interagency, and International Planner’s Course, JFSC, Va.
2009 Politico-Military Affairs Course, State, Foreign Service Institute, D.C.
2010 Defense Security Cooperation Course, Ala.
2011 Homeland Security Interagency Planner’s Course, JFSC, Va.
2012 War College, National Defense University, Va.
2013 Master of Science, Joint Campaign Planning and Strategy, Joint Forces Staff College, Va.
2013 Doctorate, Public Policy and Administration: Counterterrorism, Walden, Md.
2014 Doctorate, Public Policy and Administration: Homeland Security (ABD), Walden, Md.

June 2005 - February 2007, Politico-Military Affairs Officer, U.S. Central Command, MacDill AFB, Fla
Sep 2005 - Feb 2007, Senior Intelligence Analyst, NATO Intelligence Fussion Center, Royal Air Force Molesworth, United Kingdom
Apr 2007 - July 2016, Deputy Director of International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor "POLAD" to the Commander Air Combat Command, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va.
Feb 2007 - Apr 2008, Senior Analyst - Senior Intelligence Officer, Homeland Security - ICE - Intelligence Unit, Washington, D.C.
July 2016 - October 2017, Senior Defense Advisor -- National Security Policy/Planning, US Embassy, Office of Defense Cooperation, Kyiv, Ukriane
October 2017 - November 2019, Deputy Director of International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor Air Combat Command, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va.
November 2019 - Present, Director of International Affairs and Foreign Policy Advisor, Air Combat Command, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va.

Through the decades of his career, Dr. Hargus worked intimately with foreign partners from the tactical to the national/strategic levels of government.  As a result, he has been formally awarded numerous citations, awards, and badges from key US partners, some of which include: Ukraine, Argentina, Jordan, Honduras, Tajikistan, The Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Poland, and Lithuania.
Combat Infantryman’s Badge
Ranger Tab
Master Parachutist’s Badge
Air Assault Badge
Combat Sleeve Insignia (multiple) 
Service and joint awards/decorations (numerous)
Long-term member of the Foreign Affairs Officer Association (Board of Governors in 2009) 
Served the FAO community by reviving and rebuilding its professional journal, International Affairs, while serving as Managing Editor, 2009-2013.

(Current as of Jan 2020)