AGM-86/Air-Launched Cruise Missiles

Current as of January 08, 2020AGM-86 Air-Launched Cruise Missile Fact Sheet

The AGM-86B air-launched cruise missiles and AGM-86C conventional air-launched cruise missiles were developed to increase the effectiveness of B-52H bombers. In combination, they dilute an enemy's forces and complicate defense of its territory.

AGM-86B is a long range, autonomous, nuclear capable, stand-off weapon. It has a turbofan engine and inertial guidance system with a terrain-contour matching (TERCOM) update feature.

AGM-86C & D missiles are collectively referred to as Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missiles. The AGM-86C & D provide an adverse weather, day/night, air-to-surface, accurate, stand-off outside of theater defenses strike capability. They have a range greater than 500 miles. The AGM-86C utilizes 3,000 lb. class blast/fragmentation warhead. The AGM-86D’s AUP-3(M) penetrator warhead provides capability against a wide range of hardened and deeply buried targets. The AGM-86C and AGM-86D were successfully used in Operation Iraqi Freedom.