AMIC Civil Engineer Division (PCE)

Current as of January 27, 2020


The PCE division provides facilities, infrastructure, environmental, safety, occupational health, real estate, and other Base Civil Engineer level services in support of ACC AMIC contracted programs worldwide. These include life-cycle management of program infrastructure for the AFCENT War Reserve Materials (WRM), Forward Operating Location – Base Operating Support (FOL-BOS), Mobile Air Surveillance System (MASS), select Counter Narcotics & Global Terrorism (CN&GT) projects, and Security Cooperation Office Columbia (SCO) programs.  As a part of the Multi-Functional Team, PCE division personnel provide subject matter expertise to assist in developing contract requirements, reviewing technical plans and drawings, and recommending courses of actions for select projects.


The PCE division is sub-divided into three functional branches:

Engineering Branch (PCEC)

The Engineering Branch provides civil engineering expertise for large-scale service contracts and life-cycle management of program infrastructure supporting ACC AMIC contracted programs. As lead engineers assigned to specific programs, PCEC perform program management duties to provide proficiency and continuity. Engineers’ validate, approve, program, and prioritize facility requirements. Engineers also review designs and perform construction management overseeing technical execution through the use of sustainment tools such as BUILDER and AutoCAD. Additionally, PCEC personnel monitor the contractor’s facility operations and maintenance programs.

Engineers use various acquisition vehicles for designs, construction and inspections of projects, such as A-E contracts, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Navy facilities personnel and ACC CONS. Under Construction Management PCEC engineers oversee the execution of professionally designed projects, striving to provide quality built, functional facilities, within budget, on-time, and with minimum modifications. The Engineering Branch specializes in facility maintenance and construction in remote areas throughout the United States and around the world, to include repairing, upgrading and replacing facilities. Branch personnel contract professional construction inspection services to provide day-to-day inspection, or perform the service in-house--whichever is the most cost effective.

Real Estate Branch (PCER)

The Real Estate Branch serves as a single POC for ACC AMIC’s real property and space requirements, providing real property management and reporting through ACES-RP (TRIRIGA) and ensuring FIAR compliance. Real Estate personnel are responsible for acquisition, accountability, disposal, space utilization management, and leases. They acquire leases, permits, easements, licenses, and assist with Environmental Baseline Surveys, to meet AF requirements and standards, including mandatory clauses. Real Estate personnel are trained to work with non-DOD agency customers to ensure all DoD and other directives are met in regards to real property management.


Environmental Branch (PCEV)

The Environmental Branch is ACC AMIC’s prime source for developing environmental and safety requirements for worldwide, large-scaled contracts. PCEV personnel review and monitor environmental baseline studies, contractor environmental plans, contractor safety and occupational health plans, and environmental impact analysis both overseas and CONUS. The Environmental Branch ensures contracts and programs are in compliance with the DoD Final Governing Standards and documents for overseas locations, the Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document (OEBGD). Environmental Branch personnel provide expertise on environmental areas of concerns, such as water quality, restoration activities, and hazardous materials. The Branch offers full-scale hazardous material guidance through joint coordination with the Safety section. The Safety section monitors safety requirements, conducts staff studies, investigations, and trend analysis essential for contracted mishap prevention programs. The staff also conducts comprehensive safety investigations and inspections, ensuring all contracts are performed in accordance with accepted safety standards throughout the United States and around the world.