Defenders caught on camera: Innovation funds the culprit

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Rachelle Blake
  • 55th Wing Public Affairs

Improving readiness just got a whole lot easier for the 55th Security Forces Squadron who used innovation funds to purchase several action cameras.

They recently put the cameras to the test for the first time during an active shooter exercise at the 55th Wing Legal Offices.

“The cameras allow for multiple angles and remove officer and bystander perception from the training as it is captured with the devices,” said Tech. Sgt. Raymond Santiago, 55th SFS Operations Support NCO in charge. “During intense situations, adrenaline increases, which can cause misjudgment or misrepresentation of the truth. The camera alleviated the singular point of failure and allowed our team to pin point and walk through the scenarios with real-time accuracy.”

Most of the cameras were scattered throughout the building, but one was placed on a defender.

“We want to try and match the camera to either the first or second responding patrol or the adversary for their point-of-view,” said Master. Sgt. Nicholas Whitney, 55th Security Forces Operations Support superintendent. “These cameras help identify previous ‘training scars.’”

Training scars are formed when a defenders actions become redundant – clearing a room the same way every time or utilizing a tactic over and over again for every scenario. This can lead to injuries.

“When these cameras are utilized, during the after action review, they allow security forces members to see some of the old tactics or practices and help each of us improve our lethality,” Whitney said.

The idea to purchase the cameras was presented by an Airman within the unit.

“The future of security forces and the Air Force hinge on ideas of its members to think outside the box,” Santiago said. “As long as the team continues to train and push the limits of our technology as a unit we will only continue to flourish.”

While the exercise was their first time using the cameras, it won’t be the last.

“They are fairly new to our inventory and we have big plans for them in the future,” Whitney said. “We, from the wing to the unit level, only benefit from the utilization of this technology. The days of guessing have been removed when it can be defined by the click of the ‘ON’ button.”