Holloman's own Outstanding Airmen of the Year

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. E'Lysia A. Wray
  • 49th Wing
Senior Airman Aaron Feliciano, 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron reaper aircraft maintenance unit avionics technician, was recently selected as one of Air Combat Command's Outstanding Airmen of the Year for 2014. He was hand-picked above many other qualified Airmen for his work performance, substantial self-improvement and significant community involvement.

"Senior Airmen Feliciano is truly an Airman among Airmen," said Senior Master Sgt. David C. Wade, 49th AMXS MQ-9 Reaper AMU superintendent. "His dedication to duty and willingness to go above and beyond alone are impeccable, but more impressive to maintenance leaders is his appreciation of what he has and those who work with him. By far his greatest personality trait is humility. We are so very proud to have him in our midst as an MQ-9 avionics technician."

Feliciano was born in McGraw, New York and raised in St. Cloud, Florida. After trying to live on his own for a while, he decided to join the military to develop a solid foundation and build personal discipline.

"I realized I needed discipline, a foundation and maturity to be able to take on the responsibility of living on my own at a young age," said Feliciano. "I saw that the military offered all the qualities I was looking for, and since I had always been interested in the Air Force, it was my clear branch of choice."

Feliciano used to play in an F-16 Fighting Falcon flight simulator as a child. He always dreamed of working with or around aircraft one day.

"I love my job to be honest," said Feliciano. "When I was told my Air Force Service Code was for Remotely Piloted Aircraft, I couldn't have been happier. The 'future of the Air Force' and the forefront of new military technology, and they pay me to work on it. Sounds like I'm getting the sweet end of the deal."

Feliciano has been recognized for his outstanding performance both in the field and on his personal time. He is highly motivated to excel in all areas of his life.

"My motivation comes from my drive to make up lost time," said Feliciano. "I fill my time with productive activities and things that I truly enjoy, so that even if I am having fun, it is bettering me in some way. Being bored to me is just an excuse for not going out and finding something, not just to do, but which benefits you in some way."

Feliciano not only aims to better himself overall as a person, but to also progress in his military career.

"In five years I want to have finished my mechanical engineering degree and have earned a commission as an officer in the Air Force," said Feliciano. "I cannot predict where life will take me along the way but I have always dreamed of being an astronaut. They say you are supposed to shoot for the moon so that if you miss, you will land in the stars, but you have to be an astronaut to go into space so either one sounds good to me. I know now that I am capable of accomplishing anything as long as I apply myself, sets goals and refuse to give up. I'd say this is my key to accomplishing what I want to achieve in life."