Heritage Flights are shown by the letters "HF", followed by the aircraft types flying.   
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Date Location Event Aircraft
10-12 Aug  Offutt AFB, NE Open House F-22 Demo/HF/P-38
10-12 Aug  Abbotsford, BC, Canada Air Show A-10 Demo/HF/A-1/P-47
18-19 Aug  Terre Haute, IN Air Show F-22 Demo/HF/P-51
25-26 Aug  Ottumwa, IA Air Show A-10 Demo/HF/P-51
25-26 Aug  St Joseph, MO Air Show F-16 Demo/HF/P-51
1-3 Sept  Cleveland, OH Air Show F-16 Demo/HF/P-51
7-9 Sept  London, Ont, Canada Air Show  F-16 Demo/HF/P-51
8 Sept  Montgomery, AL Air Show F-22 Demo/HF/P-51
14-16 Sept  Reno. NV Air Show F-16 Demo/HF/P-51
15-16 Sept  Midland, TX Air Show A-10 Demo/HF/A-1
16 Sept  JB Langley-Eustis, VA VAANG Family Day F-22 Demo 
*22-23 Sept  Osan, Korea Open House A-10 Demo
22-23 Sept  NAS Ocean, VA Air Show F-22 Demo/HF/P-51
29-30 Sept  Hillsboro, OR Air Show A-10 Demo/HF/A-1
29-30 Sept  MCAS Miramar, CA Air Show F-22 Demo/HF/P-51
6-7 Oct  Baltimore, MD Air Show A-10 Demo/HF/P-51
13-14 Oct  Hampton, GA Air Show F-22 Demo/HF
13-14 Oct Rome, GA Air Show A-10 Demo/F-22 Demo/HF
13-14 Oct  Chesterfield (st Louis, MO) Air Show F-16 Demo/HF
20-21 Oct Houston, TX Air Show F-16 Demo/HF
20-21 Oct  Hammond, LA Air Show F-22 Demo/HF
27 Oct  JB Langley-Eustis Family Day F-22 Demo
27-28 Oct  NAS Jacksonville, FL Air Show F-16 Demo/HF
3-4 Nov  Stuart, FL Air Show F-16 Demo/HF
3-4 Nov  San Bernadino, CA Air Show A-10 Demo/HF
1-3 Nov  NAS Pensacola, FL Air Show F-22 Demo/HF
10-11 Nov  Nellis AFB, NV Open House  Cnxed

Last Updated on 20 Jul 2018