Event Sponsors Checklist

1. Submit a DD Form 2535 to The Secretary of the Air Force, Public Affairs (SAF/PA) for military aerial support approval via the  SAF/PA website.  This will start the process to obtain event approval.  DD 2535 must be submitted and approved by 1 July the year prior to the year of the airshow.  Hint: use the "New Requests" icon.

2. Coordinate with Public Affairs office of individual ACC units for aircraft static display or flyover support.  Hint: use the "Find an Aircraft" icon.

3. Submit ACC Single-Ship Demonstration Team requests to ACC Aerial Events schedulers.
4. Read the ACC Single-Ship Demonstration Team and Heritage Flight Support Manual located on main page detailing your responsibilities as a sponsor.

5. We will announce Single-Ship Demo/HF Team schedules at International Council of Airshow (ICAS) Convention for the next year. 

6. Once approved and scheduled by ACC Aerial Events, fulfill the requirements of the support manual in conjunction with the assigned unit(s).

7. Obtain required aircraft support equipment to support your approved USAF assets.

8.   Contact with number below or email: ACC Demo Team Schedulers with any changes/updates (date changes, ability to support, etc.).


Point of Contact
HQ ACC/A3TA, Aerial Events Branch, 206 Dodd Blvd., Ste. 200, Langley AFB, VA 23665-2789.  

Mr Larry Schleser (Odd Month): 757-764-8175

Mr Jason Fleegal (Even month): 757-225-5523 DSN 575-5523