Past Senior Enlisted Advisors

Air Force Communications Service established the position of Senior Enlisted Advisor as a separate office (AFCS/CMS) at its headquarters Jan. 1, 1974. The responsibilities normally associated with the Senior Enlisted Advisor were first promulgated within AFCS in 1970 and were assigned at that time to the chief of the command section administration, CMSgt. Wallace R. Palon. CMSgt. Palon performed the functions of the command's senior enlisted advisor through the end of December 1973. The position of Senior Enlisted Advisor continued on with the redesignation of the command to Air Force Communications Command Nov. 15, 1979; however, with the change of status to a field operating agency, the Senior Enlisted Advisor position was abolished in 1993. Click the images below to see a larger view.

Richard A. Rivard
Jan. 1974
14 Oct. 1976

Earl E. Dorris
14 Oct. 1976 -
25 Aug. 1982

Charles E. Teston
25 Oct. 1982 -
13 June 1984

Jeremiah T. Hayes
14 June 1984 -
12 June 1987

Walter D. McLain
12 June 1987 -
9 Nov. 1990

Ronald D. Allison
9 Nov. 1990 -
1 April 1993