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Even though the Air Force became an independent service in 1947, its initial communications systems changed very little from the time it was the Army Air Forces. In point-to-point communications, for example, the old Army Command and Administrative Network formed the pattern of operations. The equipment installed was Signal Corps single-channel voice, telegraph, and torn tape relay, operated over low and high frequency radio and wire carriers.

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The mission of the History Office is to document the history, lineage, and heraldry of the Air Network Integration Center, and provide reference services and historical products.

AFNIC Lineage and Honors
The Army Airways Communications System was first organized on Nov. 15 1938, in the Directorate of Communications of the U.S. Army Air Corps. On Apr. 13, 1943, the official lineage of the Army Airways Communications System as a separate organization began with the constitution of the Army Airways Communications System Wing. The Wing was activated as part of the Flight Control Command on Apr. 26, 1943.

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Flares to Satellites: 
History of Air Force Communications 
"What hath God wrought?" questioned Samuel F. B. Morse in May 1844 in the first long-distance message transmitted over his invention, the telegraph.  Over 30 years later, in Mart 1876, Alexander Graham Bell's more prosaic first message, "Mr. Watson, come here. I want you," ushered in the age of the telephone. Unlike these two inventions, no single scientist or inventor can be credited with bringing the idea of radio to fruition . . . .

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