If you're affected by severe weather and have questions regarding assignments, temporary duty assignments, retirements or other personnel actions, please contact the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102,option 1, 1. Other lines include (210) 565-0102, option 1, 1; or DSN 665-0102, option 1, 1.


For other hurricane relief information please see the numbers below:


Personnel Readiness Center:  (210) 565-2020 or 800-435-9941. This unit can help affected personnel with a Needs Assessment if they are unable to access the AFPAAS website.


AFPC Airmen and Family Readiness Operations:  toll-free (866) 299-0596. This organization can also assist with Needs Assessment and serves as a hotline for unit commanders, chiefs and first sergeants.


TRICARE East:  1-800-444-5445


Air Force Casualty Toll-Free Number:  800-433-0048


This page provides current and pertinent links to available information in the event that ACC and its personnel experience hurricane conditions. The links will better prepare Airmen and their families if a hurricane strikes your area.

Current HURCON condition: Hurricane Dorian 

Please verify and update AFPAAS by logging into the Air Force Portal

Hurricane conditions

HURCON 5 (96 hours prior)
1. Monitor weather stations
2. Review family/personal plan
3. Inspect/inventory shelter or evacuation kit
4. Check vehicles, prescriptions and food
5. Brief family members on situation
6. Determine plan for pets
7. Ensure vehicle and generator fuel tanks are full

HURCON 4 (72 hours prior)
1. Ensure you have completed all steps/precautions listed for HURCON 5
2. Continue to monitor local T.V. and radio
3. Prepare home for hurricane
4. Clear yard of loose materials that could possibly turn into projectiles
5. Update Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (AFPAAS)
6. Identify closest shelter

HURCON 3 (48 hours prior)
1. Ensure you have completed steps/precautions listed for HURCON 4 and 5.
2. Monitor weather stations.
3. Finish preparations for storm.
4. Gather evacuation items.
5. Secure home and belongings.
6. Prepare for potential evacuation.

HURCON 2 (24 hours prior)
1. Ensure you have completed all steps/precautions listed for HURCON 3, 4 and 5.
2. Monitor T.V. and radio
3. Brief family members on evacuation/ride out plan.
4. If going to a shelter, don't forget evacuation/shelter kit.
5. Remain in shelter until released by proper officials.

HURCON 1 (12 hours prior)
1. Ensure you have completed all steps/precautions listed for HURCON 1, 2, 3 and 4.
2. Evacuate if still safe to do so.
3. Monitor T.V. and radio.
4. Remain in shelter until released by proper officials.
5. If not sheltered, find shelter immediately, or prepare to “ride-out” in your home.

HURCON 1C (Caution)
1. Winds of 40-57 mph sustained are occurring.
2. All outside activity is prohibited.
3. Remain in shelter until released by proper officials.
4. If not sheltered, find shelter immediately.

HURCON 1E (Emergency)
1. Winds of 58 mph sustained and/or gusts of 69 mph or greater are occurring.
2. Remain in shelter until released by proper officials.

HURCON 1R (Recovery)
1. Surface winds in excess of 58 mph are no longer occurring and storm has passed.
2. Non-essential functions remain closed unless directed otherwise by the wing commander.
3. All but emergency personnel remain in quarters until further notice.
4. If evacuated do not return to base until directed to do so.

evacuation guidelines

  • Grab your disaster kit, pets and family and leave no earlier than directed by the Wing Commander
  • Finance will reimburse you for an evacuation of up to 500 miles. (If unable to find accommodation in designated range, contact your unit commander for approval)
  • Things to note when evacuating - main routes will be congested, tune to radio for traffic information, become familiar with secondary roads as backup
  • Be sure to identify yourself as an evacuee when making hotel reservations
  • Military/Civil Service may be recalled before dependents
  • 4-TIERED APPROACH FOR PERSONNEL ACCOUNTABILITY - Upon arrival to primary/alternate evacuation points or up to 24 hours after notice of evacuation contact supervisor (or the person above them on the recall roster) Contact supervisor/UCC Contact the HESS at 1-877-325-EVAC (3822) Update status on AFPAAS at: https://afpaas.af.mil/ Contact AFPC/PRC at 1-800-435-9941
  • Last Resort: In the event you are stranded in a crisis area with no communication available, report your status to any responding agent (Red Cross, local police, FEMA, etc.) and ask that agent to report your status to the Air Force through any means possible

Do you know your evacuation route? Click here to find out.

Va emergency contacts

Accomack: (757) 787-0900
Chesapeake: (757) 382-6464
Chincoteague: (757) 336-6519
Franklin: (757) 562-8581
Gloucester: (804) 693-1390
Hampton: (757) 727-6414
Isle of Wight: (757) 357-2151
James City: (757) 566-0112
Newport News: (757) 269-2900
Norfolk: (757) 441-5600
Northampton: (757) 678-0443
Poquoson: (757) 868-3501
Portsmouth: (757) 393-8551
Southampton: (757) 653-2100
Suffolk: (757) 923-2110
Surry: (757) 294-5264
Virginia Beach: (757) 427-4228
Williamsburg: (757) 220-6220
York: (757) 890-3600