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  • DoD Civilian Trio Backs ASAB with Vital Support

    Steven Liddy is the inspector general assigned to the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing IG, the first civilian to hold that title in an AEW. Liddy, along with two other civilians, Fernando Brown, the 386th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron community services flight commander and Thomas Bradley, the

  • Guardian Dining Facility integral to RPA mission ops

    The Guardian Dining Facility (DFAC) providing one of the only sources of food during mealtimes at Creech is nothing new. As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, this dining facility team follows strict guidance and has changed the way they serve meals to ensure MQ-9 Reaper aircrews can

  • Behind the scenes Airmen get ‘A Closer Look’

    Whether it’s digging beneath the surface to find plumbing infrastructure or looking under a microscope to sift out jet fuel sediments, some of Moody’s lesser known missions remain behind the scenes, but that’s about to change. A new video series, produced by 23d Wing Public Affairs broadcasters,