The ACC Airman and Family Readiness unit provides individuals, families and leadership with policy, programs and services that strengthen communities and promote self-sufficiency, mission readiness and adaptation to the Air Force way of life.

Airman and Family Readiness

Personal and Family Readiness 
There is a very direct link between "mission readiness", each base's ability to fight and win, and personal and family readiness. The Airman and Family Readiness’ role in personal/family readiness is to equip military members and their families with the skills needed to deal with the unique demands of military life. High deployment and TDY requirements result in more family separations and increased pressures on single parents, dual working families with children, and individuals and families struggling with debts. People with financial, family or other personal concerns struggle to perform their duties at 100-percent efficiency. While the scope of this service is wide and far-reaching, a very distinct part of the AAFR role in readiness deals with preparing military members as well as DoD civilians and their families for deployments, contingencies, natural disasters or mass casualty situations. During deployments and extended TDYs, the AAFR role is to keep the military member in place and focused on the mission. This is done through proper pre-deployment education for the military member and family as well as appropriate support programs for the family at home during deployments. 

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