Energy Awareness

As you know, the cost of energy continues to rise with the price of oil, aviation fuel, electricity, and natural gas. At the same time, we are facing fiscal and pressure to reduce operating costs.

Air Combat Command is investing significantly in infrastructure conservation and improvements to achieve Federal, Department of Defense, and Air Force energy reduction goals. To accomplish even more, we want to hear and share your great ideas for conserving energy at a personal level. What if everyone in ACC chose to do one thing every day to help conserve energy? You can be part of the solution. What one thing can you do to help?
Click for the ACC FY13 Energy Campaign Plan 

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- Review the AF 2010 Infrastructure Energy Plan for actions, goals and metrics

- Comply with the ACC Facility Energy Policy: leadership actions, standards and guidelines

- Hold effective quarterly Energy Management Steering Group meetings; drive sound energy decisions

- Support your Facility Manager's energy conservation initiatives; share your "Power of One" ideas with them

- Report unnecessary outside lighting and landscape irrigation to your Facility Manager or Base Energy Manager

Air Operations

- Review and comply with the fuel planning guidance in your aircraft.

- Continue to focus on the culture change of making every drop of fuel count; maximize your training for every gallon of aviation fuel.


- Comply with established Federal mandates and AFI 23-302 guidance

- Support your local leadership actions, standards, guidelines and fuel conservation initiatives; share your "Power of One" ideas with them

Energy Courses

Civil Engineer Virtual Learning Center Energy Courses
(CE Energy Courses - Energy Conservation for Building Managers)
(AF Energy Courses - AF Energy Awareness Course)