ISR Airman named Air Force Logistics Readiness Airman of the Year


U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Aaliyah MacKey, 27th Intelligence Squadron material management technician, was recently named the Air Force’s 2016 Logistic Readiness Airman of the Year.

The first-term Airman earned the honor for her work while assigned to the 374th Logistic Readiness Squadron, Yokota Air Base, Japan. While there, she completed many high profile tasks, including a continuous process improvement initiative that helped educate several Air Force Active Duty, Reserve and Air National Guard personnel, strengthening their logistics knowledge and tactics. She also expedited vital equipment and assets for deployments and presidential support, while managing 121 logistics accounts for units across Japan, Australia and Singapore.

The young Airman appreciates the recognition at the beginning of her military career.


“It was my first full year in the Air Force, and achieving something that great is extremely humbling,” she said. “It's an honor and privilege to win the Air Force Logistics Readiness Squadron Award so early in my career.”


According to U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jorge I. Guallpa, 374th Logistics Readiness Squadron non-commissioned officer in charge of equipment accountability, MacKey’s work ethic is the primary reason she is not only the 2016 LRS winner, but was also promoted to senior airman below-the-zone.


“Senior Airman Mackey is a fast leaner. She never stops at the basics and always digs deeper into tasks to achieve the best outcome possible,” said Guallpa. “It's that constant work ethic that made her stand out from her peers and allowed her to take on greater tasks and responsibilities.


“I feel overjoyed that she is representing the LRS community,” said Gualipa. “Her attitude, work ethic, and ability to work well with others demonstrate her adaptability. That adaptability is an essential trait required by our Airmen, today more than ever, in this constantly changing Air Force.”


Even though this is an individual award, MacKey said she is thankful for the help her leadership provided.

“I'd like to thank all of my flight chiefs, section chiefs, supervisors and every Airman I’ve worked alongside,” said Mackey. “Tech. Sgt. Guallpa always held me to a high standard, from the moment he started supervising me, and I appreciate that.  He, along with everyone else in my chain, saw something I didn't see in myself and they pushed me until I saw it, too.”


The Air Force’s Logistics Readiness Airman of the Year award program recognizes individuals who excelled and made outstanding contributions to the Air Force or Department of Defense logistics readiness mission.