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Col. Theresa Medina, 319th Medical Group commander, poses for a photo at her desk Oct. 30, 2017, at Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota. Medina was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer a few years ago and overcame the illness with the help of Tricare and the support of family and friends. (U.S. Air Force photo by SrA Cierra Presentado) Med group commander battles breast cancer with the help of Tricare
“I knew my life was going to change, I knew I was not in control, and that’s what scared me the most.” These are the thoughts that ran through Col. Theresa Medina’s mind as she was notified that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fifteen minutes after finding out she landed a position as a squadron commander at Davis Monthan Air Force Base,
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Be there, be aware: help prevent suicide Be there, be aware: Help prevent suicide
When we focus on our health, it’s easy to pay attention to physical health versus mental well-being. Ignoring mental health concerns like anxiety and depression can lead to worsening symptoms and more serious issues. For some people, these issues may include an increased risk of suicide.
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Take action to make a smooth transition with TRICARE in 2018 Take action to make a smooth transition with TRICARE in 2018
You may be wondering what action you need to take, if any, to ensure you continue TRICARE coverage in 2018. Some beneficiaries will need to take action, but most will not. If you’re currently enrolled in or eligible for TRICARE coverage on Dec. 31, 2017, you’ll transition to your respective TRICARE plan on Jan. 1, 2018. If you want to enroll in a TRICARE plan or change coverage after Jan. 1, 2018, you’ll need to take action to enroll in the plan of your choice.
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TRICARE logo Express Scripts Pharmacy Network Changing for TRICARE Beneficiaries
Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI) today announced upcoming changes to the retail pharmacy network it manages on behalf of TRICARE. On Dec. 1, 2016, Walgreens pharmacy locations will join the network. CVS pharmacies, including those in Target stores, will leave the network on the same day. The new network will have more than 57,000 locations nationwide, and ensures TRICARE beneficiaries have timely access to retail pharmacies in their community.
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Default Air Force Logo New Urgent Care Pilot Program for Prime Beneficiaries
To increase access to care, the Department of Defense launched an Urgent Care Pilot Program for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries.
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