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Senior Airman Erik Tatro, left, a programmer with the 595th Strategic Communications Squadron (SCS), and Senior Airman Gregory Salopek, also a programmer with the 595th SCS, sit at a computer in the 595th SCS offices at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, January 12, 2018. Both Airmen participated in a DOD-Silicon Valley partnership in San Francisco in 2017, helping to create a program that would increase the efficiency of the aerial refueling scheduling process. 595th SCS Airmen participate in DOD-Silicon Valley partnership
Picture a room. There are four pilots in flight suits, busy at work – one scribbling on a white board, two moving magnetic pucks around next to the scribbles and the last drawing out equations on graph paper. The room, located in the Combined Air operations Center at Al Udeid, Qatar, is tense. They’ve been at work for hours, and they have hours
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