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Default Air Force Logo Air Force selects 6,176 in 18E7/master sergeant promotion cycle; list posts May 23
Air Force officials have selected 6,176 technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant out of 20,866 eligible for a selection rate of 29.60 percent.
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21st century officer assignments; Talent Marketplace adds art to the science of HR AFPC adopting innovative officer assignment system IT platform
Talent Marketplace is an innovative technological platform supporting the officer assignment system that aims to increase flexibility and transparency for officers and commanders. It is the final piece of the revised officer assignment system triad, which includes advanced assignment notification to commanders and the transition from three to two assignment cycles each year.
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Career Intermission Program; Cycle A application window open through May 13 Airman’s dream becomes reality through Career Intermission Program
1Lt. Travis Barrino, a former enlisted chaplain’s assistant, used the Career Intermission Program to make his dream of becoming a chaplain a reality. The Career Intermission Program is designed to allow Airmen the flexibility to manage short-term conflicts between service responsibilities, family and life priorities. CIP offers Airmen the opportunity for a one-time temporary transition from active duty to the Individual Ready Reserve and provides a mechanism for seamless return to pre-CIP active-duty status.
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U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School; applications due by May 25 2018 U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School applications due May 25
Test pilots aren’t born; they're trained to be the best of the best by the USAF Test Pilot School. The TPS selection board is accepting applications until May 25 from eligible Total Force officers and current AF civilians
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Default Air Force Logo AFPC conducts test of revised Base of Preference program on seven career fields
Beginning April 2018, the Air Force’s Personnel Center will launch a test on how it delivers information to Airmen for the Base of Preference program. The test will provide increased visibility of available locations to Airmen in seven Air Force Specialty Codes, to start. If the program proves successful, AFPC will expand it.
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Nomination window open for 2018 AF innovation award Nomination window open for 2018 AF innovation award
Application packages for the 2018 General Larry O. Spencer Innovation Award, based on contributions occurring between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018, are due to the Air Force’s Personnel Center by April 20, 2018.
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Commissioning Application window open for 2018 nurse, direct enlisted commissioning programs
The Air Force’s Personnel Center will accept applications from active-duty enlisted Airmen for the Nurse Enlisted and Direct Enlisted Commissioning Programs through March 16, 2018, for the April selection boards.
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Default Air Force Logo AFPC offers follow-on option to Airmen taking short tours
Airmen selected for a dependent-restricted short tour for their second or later assignments can voluntarily apply to participate in the Follow-On assignment program, providing them greater flexibility in the assignment process and greater stability for their families.
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Default Air Force Logo Intent to apply for AF enlisted medical degree preparatory program due Oct. 7
Eligible enlisted Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard and active-duty Airmen interested in pursuing a medical degree must submit their intent to apply email by Oct. 7 and complete their application for the Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program by Dec. 9, Air Force Personnel Center officials said.
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