Program Management:
Program Managers (PM) in the Surveillance Division are the focal point for all issues related to their respective programs and serve as the hub of squadron resources, coordinating for and obtaining support from other divisions and functional areas, such as transportation and supply, communications and computer, legal, civil engineering, and quality assurance. Each PM receives formal training through the George Washington University leading to Master's Certificates in Program Management and Government Contracting. Our PMs typically serve as the primary interface between the Air Force customer and the contractor and interact regularly with representatives of foreign governments, U.S. agencies, other services, the Air Staff, MAJCOMs, and other squadrons and organizations necessary to meet management objectives.

Development of Contract Requirements:
Total program management means involvement at the earliest phases of contract development. Our PMs work closely with operations and maintenance personnel, contract administrators, and functional experts to develop contract requirements that yield successful and executable programs that meet the user's need. This effort includes negotiations with incumbent or proposed contractors, reviewing contract proposals and developing Statements of Work or Performance Work Statements and requirements matrices. Our breadth of experience pays large dividends by producing contracts with clear language and well-understood requirements that lead to fewer execution problems, lower risk and more satisfied customers and contractors.

Contract Management:
Once the contract is awarded, our PMs work closely with senior leadership, contract administrators, contractor representatives and functional experts to ensure successful completion of contract responsibilities, including timely delivery of data and products, and completion of award fee determinations. The Surveillance Division is proud of our ability to establish, in a predominantly international environment, an open and professional rapport with our contractors that enhances the concepts of partnership and cooperation, improves communication flow, speeds problem resolution, and minimizes risk and schedule delays.

Funds Management:
The Surveillance Division is responsible for all aspects of planning, budgeting and funds advocacy for our managed programs. These responsibilities include conducting contractor cost negotiations; preparing program cost projections, budgets and Program Objective Memorandum (POM) submissions and funding documentation; managing funds execution items, such as operations and maintenance contracts, TDY budgets, Government Purchase Card (GPC) accounts and special projects; and providing advocacy for and justification of system expenses to supporting MAJCOMs, the Air Staff and other funding sources such as NATO.

Configuration Control:
Surveillance Division PMs execute a key role in configuration management, coordinating for engineering and functional review of proposed changes for technical impacts; assessing proposed changes for impacts to current operations and maintenance contracts in terms of execution, schedule and cost; making recommendations and advising configuration control board members on contracting issues and solutions; and completing contracting actions necessary to implement approved changes.

Project Management:
As the focal point for all program related issues, Surveillance Division PMs additionally serve as project managers for a wide range of special projects and program related activities. Just a few examples include radar baseline evaluations, accident investigations, system certification and accreditation activities, facility repairs, and site activations and closures. Management of these activities includes sourcing activities for funding, requirements development, contracting, contract monitoring, quality assurance and closure activities.