Cyber Command and Control Mission System

Current as of February 4, 2022


The Cyber Command and Control Mission System (C3MS) synchronizes other Air Force cyber weapon systems to produce operational-level effects in support of combatant commanders worldwide.

C3MS provides operational level command and control (C2) and situational awareness of Air Force cyberspace forces, networks and mission systems. C3MS enables the 16th Air Force commander to develop and disseminate cyber strategies and plans, then execute and assess these plans in support of Air Force and Joint warfighters. 


C3MS evolved from the legacy Air Force Network Operations Security Center concept, personnel and equipment. With the activation of U.S. Cyber Command and 16th AF, senior leaders recognized the need for an operational-level cyber C2 capability. C3MS was officially designated by Chief of Staff of the Air Force in March 2013 and initial operating capability was declared July 30, 2014.