Cyberspace Defense Analysis

Current as of January 31, 2023

The Cyberspace Defense Analysis (CDA) weapon system provides operational effects designed to protect and defend critical Air Force data at the nexus of adversarial threats, Air Force priorities and key missions, and user behavior on Air Force networks. CDA conducts operations in concert with Air Force Cyberspace Defense, Air Force Intranet Control, Cyberspace Vulnerability Assessment/Hunter, Cyberspace Command and Control Mission System, and Cyberspace Security and Control System weapon systems. CDA conducts defensive cyberspace operations by monitoring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting on sensitive information released from friendly unclassified systems, such as computer networks, radio frequencies, and email. CDA is vital to identifying operations security disclosures and is the primary system assigned to provide operations security, communications security, and unintentional and intentional insider threat monitoring for all Air Force operations, missions and functions focusing on data loss prevention and information damage assessments.

This weapon system evolved from operational security (OPSEC) programs designed to identify vulnerabilities for commanders in the field. It was officially designated by Chief of Staff of the Air Force in March 2013.