Current as of November 8, 2023

The EA-37B Compass Call is a wide-area airborne electronic attack weapon system using a heavily modified version of the Gulfstream G550 airframe. The EA-37B sustains Joint Force military advantage in the electromagnetic battlespace and builds a more lethal force by modernizing electromagnetic attack capabilities to deny peer competitors' tactical networks and information ecosystems. The system denies, degrades and disrupts adversary communications, information processing, navigation, radar systems and radio-controlled threats. The Compass Call system will employ offensive counter-information and electronic attack (EA) capabilities in support of U.S. and Coalition tactical air, surface and special operations forces. 

The EA-37B aircraft carries a combat crew of up to nine people. The pilot and co-pilot are responsible for aircraft flight, while an additional seven members operate and employ the EA mission equipment permanently integrated into the cargo/mission compartment. The mission crew can include the mission crew commander (electronic warfare officer), weapon system officer (electronic warfare officer), mission crew supervisor (an experienced cryptologic linguist), analysis operators (linguists), one acquisition operator and/or an airborne maintenance technician.