Hall of Fame Class of 2007

Lt. Gen. Michael W. Peterson, Air Force Chief of Warfighting Integration and Chief Information Officer, will formally induct the three newest members of the Air Force Communications and Information Hall of Fame during a ceremony May 2 at Andrews AFB, Md. The Hall of Fame was established in 1999 to recognize the achievements of past military leaders and civil servants whose solutions to problems, innovation and creativity, and application of new technologies helped pave the way for the communications, command and control, and intelligence capabilities the Air Force now enjoys.

Maj. Gen. John T. RandersonMaj. Gen. John T. Randerson
General Randerson is honored for being a visionary throughout his career that spanned 31 years. During his tenure, he led major upgrades in communications, command and control systems and airspace management. He also paved the way for the Air Force to adopt common standards that improved overall connectivity and saved resources. He was dedicated to providing upgrade training for officers and to revitalizing the communications and information officer schools. The insight and vision gained from his various commands, including two tours as Strategic Air Command's senior communicator, allowed him to plan and implement major critical improvements in the use of satellites and Electromagnetic Pulse hardening agents, which protect systems from damage and burns. He served from January 1951 through August 1982, and passed away Sept. 30, 2001.

Col. James R. LauducciCol. James R. Lauducci
Colonel Lauducci is cited for his unmatched contributions from both his 24 years of active duty service and more than 20 years of community and professional service to C&I issues. During his Air Force career, he was recognized as a leader who integrated many facets of data automation and traditional communications services into a cohesive institution. He managed critical acquisition programs and improved strategy and funding policies for research and development of comm assets. Since retirement, he's served on the state and national levels with the Air Force Association, as well as the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association and the AFC4 Association. He was key in getting comm officers placed and matched with the very competitive Education with Industry program and in developing scholarship programs for AFROTC units now distributed nationwide.

Chief Master Sgt. Charles E. TestonChief Master Sgt. Charles E. Teston
Chief Teston's 31-year active duty career included being a Looking Glass flight crew member, academic instructor, first sergeant with the largest communications group in the Air Force, a Senior Enlisted Advisor at the wing and HQ level; superintendent of radio operations and a career advisor. As the Air Force Communications Command senior enlisted advisor, he visited units at 57 different locations and formed an effective Chief's Group to enhance career progression of all enlisted personnel. After retirement and another 10 years as an industry telecommunications manager, he moved his family to Gulfport, Miss., where he was elected to the Gulfport City Council and served as President in 2003. A Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce Centurion, he was elected president of the Orange Grove/Lyman Chamber of Commerce for 2007.