Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Two former Air Force communicators were inducted into the Air Force Cyberspace Operations and Support Hall of Fame, Class of 2015.






Maj Gen John W. Maluda:  Maj Gen John W. Maluda produced unprecedented contributions 
for the current and future generations of Air and Cyberspace warfighting effects. During his career
he commanded four communications units and held staff positions at Headquarters Air Force, Air
Combat Command, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, Air Force Special Operations Command, U.S. Space
Command and the White House Communications Agency. Throughout his tenure, he transformed
warfighting across the European theater and mobile communications capabilities throughout U.S.
Central Command's Area of Responsibility. Gen Maluda also successfully brokered billion-dollar
multinational agreements that integrated air-picture sensors with precision, enabling a totally new
kind of warfare and synchronized Army, Navy, and Air Force programs for the future of theater and
global Air Defense. He later defined the mission scope, requirements, and processes to create the Air
Force Network Operations and Security Center, the precursor for the current 24th Air Force Cyber
Component, creating 17 new Air Force Specialty Codes, training plans, governance and culture.
Gen Maluda enlisted in the Air Force, earned a commission and served 34 years, bottom to top,
caring for every Airman along his journey. His legacy of strategic vision, applied leadership,
and  matchless mentorship, made an indelible imprint in the DNA of the Air Force's 21st century
cyberspace operations and support force. 



Col Kenneth R. Reiff:  Col Kenneth R. Reiff demonstrated superior leadership skills throughout three
command tours, serving as the deputy Chief of Staff for the Air Force Communications Center and standing
up the Communications Division at Air Training 
Command providing communications-computer and air traffic
control support to the largest training and educational organization in the USAF. He also delivered systems
support for the recruitment, training, and upgrade education of over 65,000 people annually. Colonel Reiff's
experience includes commanding the second largest operational communications group in the Air Force,
serving as the chief of maintenance of air traffic control for two bases, the telecommunications advisor to the
Republic of Korea Air Force, 
managing the acquisition and installation of all telephone systems in Southeast
Asia during the Vietnam conflict, and was the Communications Officer for the Minuteman I Wing during the
Cuban Missile Crisis. Regularly selected for positions deemed too tough for others, he is a one-of-a-kind warrior
and leadership icon. Col Reiff is also a strong supporter of the communications and air traffic control community,
continuing his work in laying the foundation for support our modern warfighters have come to depend on.