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  • Military spouse holds international ranking for triathlons

    A National Hockey League hall-of-famer said, “Nobody’s a natural. You work hard to get good and then work harder to get better.” Seven years ago Shannon Cutting, wife of Lt. Col. Russell Cutting, 99th Services Squadron commander, did not intend to get “good” or even “better” when she ran her first marathon; she just hoped to finish. Now, Mrs.
  • Air Force: Raptor primed, ready

    The Air Force’s most advanced weapon system is ready for combat, Air Force officials here announced Dec. 15. In reaching initial operational capability, the F-22A Raptor has been certified ready for employment. Declaring the transformational fighter IOC means the Raptor’s proven capabilities are now available for use in combat around the globe and
  • First Virtual Flag exercise of 2006 ends

    The checkerboard flag representing the nationwide virtual reality exercise led by the Distributed Mission Operations Center at Kirtland AFB, N.M. was lowered here Nov. 4, marking the end of the first Virtual Flag exercise of the Fiscal 2006.The Virtual Flag focus is to create an extremely realistic and cost-efficient simulated battlespace using
  • ACC's nominees for the 2006 Air Force John L. Hennessy Award Competition

    Air Combat Command announces the following winners of the 2006 ACC John L. Hennessy Awards.All the competitors are commended for their quality programs, teamwork, pride in performance, and dedicated focus on providing world class customer service. The command expresses its pride of our services personnel command-wide. Again, congratulations to the
  • Emergency liaisons deploy to crisis center for Hurricane Wilma

    When disaster strikes -- natural or manmade -- a cadre of experts called emergency preparedness liaison officers deploy ready to respond rapidly and aggressively.Providing behind-the-scene or front-line support, EPLOs are the Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness Agency’s conduit to bringing Air Force capabilities to a relief effort,
  • 1st Air Force ready to provide command, control, for Hurricane Wilma relief

    If America’s military is asked to provide resources for Hurricane Wilma relief efforts, the 1st Air Force here is ready to respond.Just weeks ago, the organization established the 1st Aerospace Expeditionary Task Force-Katrina Operation and was the Air Force unit designated to perform command and control for assets supporting air operations after
  • Air Warfare Center changes names to USAF Warfare Center

    The Air Warfare Center here officially changed its name Oct. 1 to the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center, or USAFWC.The new name more accurately reflects the center’s expanding responsibility to integrate space and information operations with traditional air warfare. The expansion was previously announced by the Air Force in April.No units are
  • U-2 accident report released

    A catastrophic, cascading sequence of events, beginning with the in-flight failure of the power takeoff shaft, caused a U-2 surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft to crash June 22 in Southwest Asia, killing the pilot, according to Air Force investigators.The aircraft was returning to a forward operating location from a high-altitude intelligence,
  • U.S. Air Force U-2 aircraft provides Hurricane Rita imagery

    The first U.S. Air Force U-2 surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft tasked to collect images of the Gulf Coast before Hurricane Rita hits returned to Beale Air Force Base, Calif. at approximately 4 p.m. yesterday.The unique mission requested by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, collected imagery of the Gulf Coast region from Lake Charles,
  • ROVER aids in search and rescue

    When authorities conducting recovery operations following Hurricane Katrina needed help seeing what was happening on the ground here, Air Force personnel brought combat technology to bear in supporting rescue operations.The system is called ROVER -- short for Remote Operations Video Enhanced Receiver. By using the system, Air Force Joint Terminal