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  • 49 undocumented workers detained

    Forty-nine undocumented workers were apprehended here Wednesday morning by base, local and federal law enforcement agencies.Air Force Office of Special Investigations led the operation, called Clean Sweep, to detain contract workers on base. After scrutinizing individual forms of identification and employee documentation, agents were able to
  • Seconds can save lives

    1.5 seconds thats all it takes.Granted, for those who take their time, it may take about four seconds, but its still roughly about the same amount of time it takes to turn the key and start the car.People who take the extra couple of seconds to secure their seat belts can reduce their risk of injury or death, not only for themselves, but for others
  • ACC buys back flying hours

    Air Combat Command restored an estimated $201 million to its flying hour program July 1 after receiving additional funds from Headquarters Air Force.Air Force officials approved the buy-back, which will help alleviate the loss of readiness resulting from the $272 million, 31,349-hour cut, which was announced earlier this year, said Maj. Dean Gould,
  • Command announces senior officer assignments

    Air Combat Command officials announce the following senior officer assignments:Col. Michael R. Moeller, commander, 2nd Bomb Wing, Barksdale AFB, La., will become deputy commander, Plans and Programs, Headquarters Air Combat Command, Langley AFB, Va.Col. Daniel J. Charchian, vice-commander, 5th Bomb Wing, Minot AFB, N.D., will become commander, 2nd
  • Predator accident report released

    The total loss of all control of an MQ-1L Predator remotely piloted aircraft caused it to run out of fuel and crash Jan. 14 at a forward location in Southwest Asia, according to an Accident Investigation Board report released by Air Combat Command today.The $3.5 million Predator, which belonged to the 15th Reconnaissance Squadron at Nellis Air
  • F-16 accident report released

    A pilots failure to follow standard F-16 operations procedures caused an F-16D to crash short of the runway at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., March 18, Air Force officials announced today. The incident happened when the pilot, assigned to Nellis 57th Wing, was returning to the base following an in flight emergency in which the throttle stuck in the
  • Command names Air Force Scientist and Engineer Awards

    Three Air Combat Command nominees were among the winners for the 2004 Air Force Scientist and Engineer Awards. The annual Air Force Scientist and Engineer Awards recognize significant accomplishments in science, engineering, research and development, and science and engineering education in support of the Air Force mission. ACC announced June 28
  • Football analogy benefits ACC Civil Engineering

    When looking for better ways to conduct business, many people check out their competitors for ideas. For one directorate at Air Combat Command, however, the answer was found with a different set of competitors football teams.To tackle problems which typically plague construction projects in their final stages, the Civil Engineering Directorate
  • B-1B accident report released

    Misaligned rollers on the crew entry ladder assembly created an abort condition that was the primary cause of a B-1B mishap during a mission qualification and currency training mission Nov. 23, 2004, at Ellsworth AFB, S.D., according to Air Force investigators.The mishap crew comprised of a pilot, copilot, defensive systems officer and offensive
  • A journey to the edge

    Time was passing into the next day and he was destroyed just completely gone. His thoughts lingered on the details.Do I want an open or closed casket? Where should I shoot?He cocked the gun several times as he laid in bed ready to make his last move.Who would care?March 23 was the last time Kevin Hainsel planned to see daylight. This would be the