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  • Civilians see impacts on paychecks, leave hours following recall

    Some excepted civilians who worked during the Oct. 1-5 furlough may not be paid this week for those hours due to coding errors on their timesheets.During furlough, the payment and accounting system defaults all civilian employees as unpaid, requiring action to move them into the excepted status. For

  • Work schedules, benefits, back to normal for ACC civilians

    Civilians across Air Combat Command returned to work with pay and benefits Oct. 7, following implementation of the Pay our Military Act, or POMA. ACC furloughed a total of approximately 7,500 civilians Oct. 1-4 as part of the federal government's partial shutdown. "POMA allows us to provide pay and

  • Tyndall achieves 25,000th sortie

    Less than two weeks after the F-22's 10-year anniversary of arriving here, Team Tyndall achieved their 25,000th F-22 sortie during a 43rd Fighter Squadron Basic Course training mission Oct. 7."Flying 25,000 sorties is much more than just the number of times that the aircraft have flown here at

  • Tyndall stands up new F-22 squadron - 24 total aircraft

    The 95th Fighter Squadron and Aircraft Maintenance Unit will once again call Tyndall home as officials announced the new F-22 Raptor squadron activated Oct. 11. "We are honored to have the 95th call Tyndall home again," said Col. David E. Graff, 325th Fighter Wing Commander. "It symbolizes so much