Trusted Care Heroes are all of us

  • Published
  • Air Force Surgeon General Public Affairs
Trusted care. Two words, that when spoken could have a meaning vastly different from one person to another.

For Medical Airmen, that’s not the case. The words trusted care represent patients whose lives and personal safety depend on them. It also reflects the Air Force Medical Service’s unwavering commitment to provide safe and high-reliable healthcare.

Medical Airmen committed to delivering ‘Trusted Care, Anywhere’ are recognized as heroes by the AFMS for their dedication to upholding the nine principles of trusted care: speaking up, commitment to resilience, maximizing value to the patient, zero harm, respect for people, focusing on the people who do the work, systems thinking, constancy of purpose, and enabling every Airmen to be a problem solver.

One constant though amongst all heroes, to include those featured in this photo story is each one of them are dedicated to simply doing their job and caring for the patients they serve.

(Tech. Sgt. Julius Delos Reyes, Tech. Sgt. Rachelle Blake, Staff Sgt. Jonathan Bass, Senior Airman Jenay Randolph, Senior Airman Abby L. Finkel, Airman 1st Class Timmethy James, and Mr. John Harrington also contributed to this photo story.)