Developing software; developing leaders

  • Published
  • By By 1st Lt. Benjamin Aronson
  • 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing Public Affairs

The 850th Spectrum Warfare Group’s Wavelength recently launched its Digital Learning Series which takes modern software development ideologies and applies it to everyday work with a focus on improving digital literacy and efficacy.  

The series covers three topics through a variety of workshops spanning a week per topic. Recently, U.S. Air Force Col. Josh Koslov, 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing commander, led a workshop in the form of a Fireside Chat where he focused on the imperative of a learning culture. 

“The fireside chats are intended to provide insights into a key leader’s views as they relate to the Digital Learning Series curriculum,” said U.S. Air Force Capt. Ian Gardocki, 850th SWG Wavelength software developer. “They [the Fireside Chats] also provide the opportunity for audience members to engage with that leader in an informal environment and ask questions they may have.”

Each topic-week of the Digital Learning Series is split into three workshops. The first workshop is focused on a lecture where a speaker provides insights to build a foundation for the topic of the week. Following the lecture is a workshop where members can apply what they learned in a more hands-on way. Lastly are office hours, where presenters from previous sessions make themselves available to answer questions members may have. 

For this workshop, Koslov led a Fireside Chat on a video call with 28 members answering questions focused on how to turn the 350th SWW into a learning organization.  

“Being a learning organization is symbolic of the organization we are trying to build,” said Koslov. “The key is being able to look at what are our objectives and understanding if we are getting there. If not, how and why, and make necessary corrections.” 

Members asked questions ranging from understanding their commander’s intent, how to grow professionally, and developing younger Airmen with an opportunistic view on challenges.  

Koslov finished the Fireside Chat by driving home that the knowledge he needs members of the wing to focus on is fighting and beating China.

“Members have found the program insightful,” said Gardocki. “The ability to listen to lectures about modern software development and then engage with key leaders and apply their learnings has been empowering for them to accelerate change in their respective areas of responsibility.”

The series is open to all members of the 350th SWW and is scheduled to pick up again in January covering the topic of Myth-Busting Digital in Government.