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Welcome Home Gen. Holmes

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Members of Team Seymour provided a warm welcome for the commander of Air Combat Command during his trip back to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, Feb. 24-27, 2019.


Gen. Mike Holmes commanded the 4th Fighter Wing from August 2004 to September 2006.


Holmes and Chief Master Sgt. Frank Batten, command chief of ACC, visited the base to learn about new innovations from members of Team Seymour, and they talked with Airmen from across the base in open forums.


“I want you all to ask me anything,” Holmes said to Airmen from the 704th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. “Tell me something you think I should know. Ask me questions. Any questions you want, about stuff currently going on, anything.”


Batten echoed that offer by holding an enlisted all call for Airmen across the base.


The Airmen followed through and asked numerous questions including changes to promotion testing and the technology we use, expressed their concerns about things such as PT tests, and even brought up rumors about the Air Force.


When asked about the visit, multiple Airmen stated that they were surprised and delighted by the transparency of their leaders.


While traveling from shop to shop, Holmes took in the sights as memories of his time at Seymour surfaced.


“It’s great to be back, to be home again,” said Holmes. “So much has changed, but the base still has incredible Airmen and a great mission.”