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Category: ACC Transcripts
  • 2018 WEPTAC Conference Keynote Speaker: General Mike Holmes

    GENERAL HOLMES: Good morning everyone. I want to start by acknowledging the schedule we’ve asked you to work. We brought you in after the holiday break. You probably traveled over New Year's Day, you come here and work through a weekend, take a family day and work on it, and then get in here, early in the morning then get out of here. Thanks for
  • Air Force Association Breakfast Series: Capitol Hill Edition

    Thanks, everybody. It’s great to be back in Washington from Langley, instead of being here all the time.General Spencer, Secretary Peters, Air Force Association, thanks for putting this on. There are a lot of people in here that have raised me, so if you don’t like me or my remarks I can point you out to the different people that you can hold
  • Women’s Leadership Symposium

    I am really happy to be with you here today, it’s important to me…so much so that when I got the invitation, I was supposed to be out of town, and I asked my exec to replan the travel. We woke up in North Dakota this morning in Grand Forks. I know there’s some people here from Minot, anybody here from Grand Forks? Awesome. So we woke up in Grand
  • Opening Remarks to Langley Air Force Association Symposium and Industry Day

    So pretty much a month ago I was standing on this stage doing my pin-on; that's how long I’ve been at Air Combat Command. I also used this stage when I was a squadron commander to do commander’s calls, so I’m pretty familiar with this room. I want to thank you all for being here, particularly my former boss here a couple of times, General Ron Keys.
  • Directed Energy Summit

    General Holmes: So I'm going to talk a little bit about, with the time that I have, about as a war fighter, how do we think about bringing these new technologies on? What are some of the pitfalls, and how can we work together by collaborating across the department and with industry and with the people that set policy to try to help us bring this
  • Change of Command Ceremony

    General Holmes: Good morning everyone and thanks for being here to support the men and women of Air Combat Command. Let me begin with some shout-outs and thank yous.Thank you Secretary Disbrow and Secretary Peters, you honor us all by being here once again. Thank you. And also thanks to the mayors that are here with us. All of our bases and Airmen