TED Talks

  • Published
  • By Ted Brinegar
  • 49th WG/Community Support Coordinator
Resiliency is the ability to recovery from adversity. It is also a goal of the Comprehensive Airman Fitness Program, which arms you with the skills needed to contribute to your own well-being and good health. There are four pillars to CAF - mental, physical, social, and spiritual. These pillars do not stand alone, but together build a foundation of critical thinking and personal strength.

"Ideas worth spreading," is the motto for Technology Entertainment and Design - more commonly known as TED. It is a forum that shares great ideas at the cutting edge of many fields, and is also listed in the resources section on the Chief of Staff of the Air Force's reading list. TED talks are provocative and are designed to make you think.

Join us every Tuesday from 1130-1230 in the Club Holloman bar for a TED talk and conversation about how these ideas relate to resilience skills. CAF credit is available for those who participate.

The TED Talks chosen are designed to challenge your thinking and force you to examine your own beliefs and behavior. Many of the talks confirm the science of folk wisdom, from standing up straight to spending time in meditation.  They show us the intersection of ideas and action.

If you can't make it go to TED.com and type in a topic that is fascinating to you, the talk won't be over twenty minutes, but you might be there for hours.

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