The frozen apple drops

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Aaron J. Jenne
  • 4th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
I traveled to N.Y. on leave to spend the holidays with my family. Within hours of arriving, an ice storm shut down my entire county and others surrounding it.

Frozen in, I had time to reflect on the last year and the journey, which transformed me from a civilian into an Airman.

As I thought about the geographic and cultural changes the year brought, I realized that a new year was just around the corner. I began to think about all the past resolutions I made and forgot over the years. Reminiscing on some old goals, getting six-pack abs or becoming rich, brought a smile to my face. Then I turned my thoughts toward the future, and thought about the goals I would make for my first New Year's as a Service member.

My first thought was, six-pack abs would be nice, but I smiled as I realized there is so much more to health and fitness. I started writing down a list of goals.

New Year's resolutions:

Score more than 95 percent on my physical training test.

Spend more time with my friends and family.

Devote more time to self education.

Become an acting member of a church community.

As I wrote, I had one major goal in mind: I want to make Senior Airman below the zone. I knew every point on my list would have an impact toward that main goal.

As the weather cleared, I looked over my resolutions again and realized a striking similarity to the four pillars of comprehensive airman fitness: physical, mental, social and spiritual. My goals all focused on resiliency.

I thought about my goals several times during my vacation, each time drawing connections between these resolutions and basic tenants I have learned as an Airman.

Each connection I drew prompted revisions to my list. By the end of the week it was completely rewritten.

Become a more resilient Airman.

Live by integrity, service and excellence.

These two goals really say it all for me. Even if I don't make below the zone or define my stomach into rock-hard abs, focusing on these goals will make me a better man, husband, friend and wingman. They will also make me a better Airman, able to serve with integrity and excellence, and to handle any obstacle thrown my way.

I am ready to tackle 2014 and all the challenges it may hold.