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  • 9-year-old plays with the 'big boys'

    One nine-year-old girl from the Beale community is blazing new ground in a game that was once for "boys only." Riley Arnold, a fourth grader at Lone Tree Elementary School, plays football with the Wheatland Pirates Junior Pee Wee team. She's the only girl on the team, but that doesn't stop her from doing what she loves. "It's pretty cool to be the
  • Airman attempts to rebuild lives after Hurricane Katrina

    The eye of a storm is a quiet, calm place. Sunlight flickers in the rain drops collected on blades of grass. Branches gently sway in a light breeze. In an instant, chaos returns and the storm rages on again.The year since Hurricane Katrina hit has been a personal storm for thousands of people filled with times of peace and times of chaos. After the
  • There’s always a better way

    The Airman had $600 left until payday, which was fine -- until her car broke down, and with it, a $1,000 repair bill.Two “friends” offered to help her out. The first offered an interest-free loan of $500. The second offered a $500 loan for a $75 fee, and said if the Airman couldn’t pay the money back in two weeks, additional fees would be