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  • Airman changes AFI, fosters inclusion

    Shortly after in-processing to Moody, Staff Sgt. Cesar De Los Santos Zapata was caught off guard when he saw his name read DELOSSANTOSZAPATA upon logging in to the computer. A seemingly routine trip to military personnel flight to get the spaces put back in his name quickly turned into a mission to

  • Moody trail-blazes DOD munitions airlift initiative

    It takes several moving people and pieces to successfully and safely load and airlift munitions, but thanks to an innovative approach, the 23d Wing pioneered an effective and more efficient munitions airlift initiative for the Department of Defense. Just in time for Mosaic Tiger 21-1, Airmen with

  • Moody A-10 engine maintainers make history

    For the first time, Moody’s 23d Maintenance Squadron’s (MXS) propulsion flight accomplished an unprecedented feat by ensuring every TF34 engine in their fleet is repaired to serviceable status. This readiness level relinquishes the need for the flight to perform maintenance on their current A-10C

  • Propulsion flight: keeps 'Warthogs' fighting

    The A-10C Thunderbolt II has been flying the Air Force’s mission for over 40 years; a feat that would not be possible without the efforts of Moody’s propulsion flight.The 23d Maintenance Squadron (MXS) aerospace propulsion flight is responsible for maintaining all Turbo Fan-34 engines for the Air

  • NDI: going beyond what eyes see

    Non-Destructive Inspection technicians examine and inspect numerous aircraft parts and components to ensure that they are in usable condition using various methods such as X-ray, florescent dye penetrant, oil analysis and ultrasonic scanning.