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Tag: 20th Civil Engineer Squadron
  • Shaw Wildland Management sustains wildlife

    Shaw Wildland Management Office and 20th Civil Engineer Squadron Airmen performed a controlled burn of approximately 285 acres at Poinsett Electric Combat Range in Wedgefield, South Carolina, Feb. 24.
  • 20th CES trains in Silver Flag exercise

    Airmen from the 20th Civil Engineer Squadron recently participated in exercise Silver Flag, Aug. 31-Sept. 11, at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida.
  • EOD Airmen maintain readiness

    U.S. Airmen assigned to the 20th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal flight participated in exercise Salty Weasel at McCrady Army National Guard Base Training Center near Columbia, South Carolina, Sept. 16 – 20.
  • Teamwork leads to mission readiness

    In the military, many times the mission prevails through teamwork; teamwork throughout squadrons, organizations and internally within each shop. With some jobs, teamwork is much more crucial to the specific mission, which is why fire training is so important for the 20th Civil Engineer Squadron fire fighters.
  • 20 CES preserves Native American history

    On Aug. 3, 1990, President George H.W. Bush proclaimed the month of November as National American Indian Heritage Month. However at Shaw Air Force Base, preserving Native American history and culture is a year-round mission. Throughout history, the land at Poinsett and Shaw AFB have been occupied by various Native American tribes. Having all of these protected sites near a bombing range and area used for military exercises can cause a conflict of interest. The research done by the archeologists has helped to preserve the heritage of the tribes in the area and identify which factions of the Catawba have lived or passed through Poinsett.
  • EOD: always fit to fight

    Surrounded by the sound of clinking metal and upbeat music, a group of Airmen work to exhaustion as the sun begins to rise. For this group of 20th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal Airmen, working hard can mean the difference between life or death. The safety of the team as well as those around them can be threatened as they clear paths for fellow service members during deployments, clean up training grounds or assist state law enforcement agencies with emergencies.
  • 20th CES protects endangered population

    A biologist assigned to the 20th Civil Engineer Squadron documented new red-cockaded woodpecker offspring at Poinsett Electronic Combat Range at Wedgefield, South Carolina, May 30. Range employees take care of the at-risk woodpecker population, which is located on Air Force training grounds. Poinsett Range protects both state and federally threatened and endangered species. The population goal for Poinsett set by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is thirty clusters of birds. The range currently stands at twenty-nine clusters.