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  • LION Pride: A Fast Way to Create Change

    Last year saw the launch of the LION Pride program, a wing-wide innovation program reaching beyond tech solutions to solicit suggestions and ideas that could rapidly increase mission capabilities, streamline processes, improve quality of life, and drive positive change. “In 2023, we want to

  • Generations apart: A family legacy of commanding the 363rd ISR Wing

    As she enters the room, she flips on the light, illuminating her office. The familiar face of a man who helped guide her Air Force career resides in the picture frame close to her desk, reminding her every day of the leader she aspires to be. The silver eagles pinned to the epaulettes of her service

  • Five Minutes to Thrive -- Please (Don't) Lie to Me!

    Who doesn’t love a good magic show? Magic performances give us the opportunity to let down our guard, suspend our disbelief, and be deceived for entertainment’s sake. When a magician successfully pulls off a trick, we do not criticize ourselves for being dumb or unobservant – our egos smooth things

  • Five Minutes to Thrive - Motivation

    Here’s a Five Minutes to Thrive to help you get and stay motivated in the New Year. As always, thank you for continued service to our nation! Your ART is here to support you, let us know how we can help.

  • Five Minutes to Thrive - Holiday Relationship Stress

    Are time-honored traditions sabotaged by unwelcomed conflict? Do loved ones end up becoming the enemy during the holidays? Is your family Christmas outing is starting to look like a "Clark Griswold's" story line.