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  • A legacy of innovation: HQ CCC honors four AF teams at Scott AFB

    A tile induction ceremony honoring the 67th Cyberspace Wing and 688th Cyberspace Wing’s contributions toward Air Force cyberspace and communication capabilities was hosted May 19, 2022, at the Air Force Cyberspace and Communications Heritage Center. Two key milestones in cyberspace and

  • Airman advocates for neurodiversity in the military

    A passenger-filled sedan rolled violently against a dirt median, abruptly halted on its roof and blocked oncoming traffic on the interstate. Master Sgt. Shale Norwitz’s duty to protect and serve took precedence. Due to this application of military training and a unique diagnosis, Norwitz safely

  • 688th Cyberspace Wingmen enhance National Military Command Center mission

    Airmen of the 688th Cyberspace Wing, 38th Engineering Squadron provided direct support to the National Military Command Center in Washington D.C. The Wingmen directly enhanced the joint staff and the Secretary of Defense’s execution of the NMCC mission by engineering and installing updated