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munitions flight
  • Munitions flight performs 30mm processing, keeps A-10s shooting

    Airmen from the 476th and 23d Maintenance Squadron (MXS) performed a 30mm rounds processing, July 11, 2018, at Moody Air Force Base, Ga. This total force integration training with the 23d and 476th MXS allowed Airmen to work together to identify more ways to efficiently and safely conduct their mission. The munitions flight ensures A-10C Thunderbolt IIs are armed with 30mm rounds to make sure they are able to continue their mission while at home station and deployed.
  • Bomb Building Airmen: AMMO flight sustains AF lethality during readiness exercise

    It’s day six of a basewide readiness exercise. Airmen are dressed in an intricate but lightweight suit, consisting of a protective gas mask, gloves and over boots, specifically made to prevent deadly agents from reaching the skin and respiratory system. They walk cautiously across a large, concrete platform to the assembly conveyer pad. To the left of the pad, a team of Airmen are already building up laser-guided aerial bombs. To the right, they’re breaking down 500-pound joint direct attack munitions. These Airmen are literally surrounded by tons of explosives, and building more of them while donned head-to-toe in comfortless protective gear.