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Tag: Pregnancy & Post-Partum Fitness Program
  • ACC releases fitness guidance for pregnant Airmen

    In an effort to improve the fitness program for Airmen during the stages of pregnancy, the Air Combat Command Surgeon General directorate recently released new guidance. The guidance is called “Conditioning/Reconditioning (Fitness) Program for Airmen During and After Pregnancy,” and it implements immediate changes to the Fitness Program. It also establishes additional fitness and educational opportunities for pregnant Airmen to enhance their physical wellness.
  • New PT program aimed to help new moms

    After carrying a child for approximately 270 days, the average woman gains 25 to 35 pounds, which can be difficult to lose. Some new moms may find getting back into their pre-baby shape or even making time for a fitness routine challenging. Two Team Shaw Airmen devised the Pregnancy & Post-Partum Fitness Program to assist women who are either pregnant or within the first 12 months of post-partum with staying fit to fight. The program helps prepare mothers for their first fitness assessment after giving birth. The pilot program has been approved and funded by the 363rd Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing Leading Innovation and Opportunity Now Board, and is slated to begin Fall of 2018.