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Tag: Tyndall AFB
  • Tyndall Airmen dominate flying ops at night

    After the intense warmth of the Florida heat lessens with the setting of the sun, the sound of maintainers shouting “A-P-U,” and the starting of F-22 Raptor engines can still be heard well into the night. The 325th Fighter Wing recently flew night missions to stay proficient in all conditions.
  • Munitions Airmen: Key players during combat exercises at Hill AFB

    Aircraft from several bases around the Air Force are here through August 18 to drop precision-guided munitions and employ air-to-air missiles on the Utah Test and Training Range during exercises known as Combat Hammer and Combat Archer.
  • Comprehensive Airmen Fitness Day raises resilience

    Airmen are integral parts of the 325th Fighter Wing’s mission to train and project unrivaled combat airpower. But just like the aircraft and systems they work on, they too need to come in for scheduled maintenance. That maintenance came April 1, in the form of a Comprehensive Airmen Fitness Day.