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  • 23d MDG enables 15th ASOS mission

    The 23d Medical Group partnered with the 15th Air Support Operations Squadron to expedite the medical clearance process for Airmen at Fort Stewart, Georgia. One 23d MDG flight surgeon and medical technician performed flight physicals for 15th ASOS tactical air control party specialists, enabling the unit to expedite training and reduce traveling expenses.
  • Tactical Air Control Party Formal Training Unit activates

    The Tactical Air Control Party Formal Training Unit officially activated during a ceremony at the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland's Medina Annex Oct. 17. The TACP FTU will synchronize, standardize and streamline training to ensure readiness of TACP maneuver and command and control force multipliers in order to meet the needs of the Air Force, joint force and coalition partners
  • FEURY keeps TACPs in new theater safe

    Additional FEURY sites multiply the amount of ISR available to units and give combat Airmen the edge over their adversaries, according to the TACPs who use them. The office rolled out its capability to a new theater this February after securing funding, requirements, drafting a contract and deploying personnel and equipment to the Area of Responsibility. FEURY keeps Tactical Air Control Party Airmen safe behind the wire by increasing the availability of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sources while they conduct air support operations.
  • Space Operators provide TACPs tactical space training

    Deployed Tactical Air Control Party Airmen expect space effects to work; otherwise pilots get shot down, bombs miss targets, and soldiers die. TACPs may not know how space works, but if it doesn’t work well for America and its allies then its results devastating. Space operators from the 16th and 4th Space Control Squadrons at Peterson Air Force Base are working to change the TACP community’s knowledge of space by developing the first Space Operations Course. “Working with our Airmen on the ground and showing them how space capabilities can improve their operations is crucial to maintaining our warfighting superiority,” said Col. Devin Pepper, 21st Operations Group commander. “The creation of this course is such an important step for both Air Force Space Command and Air Combat Command.”
  • 11th ASOS inactivates after 24 years

    After 24 years of providing airpower to U.S. Army assets, the Air Force’s 11th Air Support Operations Squadron “Steel Eagles” assembled as a unit for the final time during an inactivation ceremony, June 21, 2018, at Fort Hood, Texas. As a part of the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing from Moody Air Force Base, Ga., the 11th ASOS “Steel Eagles” mission will remain unchanged as they continue to support Ft. Hood as they absorb into the 9th ASOS. The enhanced 9th ASOS will continue with the current mission of providing tactical air support to align with the “Brave Rifles” and any U.S. Army unit that needs air support for their scheme of maneuver.
  • Air Force transitions to a single combat uniform

    Air Force leaders announced the service will move to a single combat utility uniform, adopting the Operational Camouflage Pattern, or OCP, already in use by the Army and Airmen in combat zones and in certain jobs across the Air Force.
  • AGOW celebrates 10 years, looks to future

    Since 2008, the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing has been on the front lines of the global war against terrorism providing ground combat forces specially trained to integrate air and space power into the joint scheme maneuver. As the AGOW Spartans celebrate their 10th anniversary, they usher in changes within their organization that will not only focus on being trained and ready today, but simultaneously prepare them for the evolving threats of the future.
  • TACPs call Hanscom for better signal

    The Tactical Transportable Gateway will replace the aged Air Support Operations Center Gateway communication node for deployed troops, linking ground forces with corps and division headquarters and air support, while providing situational awareness for areas as large as California.