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  • F-15EX proves out full air-to-air capability

    Flying locally over the Gulf of Mexico, two F-15EX Eagle II aircraft take a major step in launching missiles from their new weapon stations. This operational flight over the Eglin Test and Training Complex demonstrated the Eagle II aircraft’s capability of carrying of 12 missiles.

  • The Synthetic Environment: New Mindset and Mission for the 29 TSS

    The Air Force and the Warfighter are approaching a revolution in military affairs where the synthetic environment will become more of a foundation to readiness than live-fly sorties. The data to support that claim is readily apparent and is the driving force behind the Chief of Staff’s Operational

  • 337th TES supports WSINT

    The 337th Test and Evaluation Squadron deployed 2 B-1B Lancers to Nellis AFB from November to December 2020 to support the 77th Weapons Squadron during U.S. Air Force Weapons School Integration, known as WSINT, helping to produce two Weapons Officers for the B-1 community.