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  • Reaper Airman fulfills dream of earning Ranger tab

    The sounds of frogs, birds and cicadas rang loudly in his ears as the hot sun crawled across the sky. He hoped nightfall would provide a reprieve, but it only gave way to equally muggy and noisy nights. 

  • Inspired by air show, boy becomes USAF pilot

    Inspiration can be fleeting or it can be enduring. As seven-year-old boy, Richard felt this powerful drive during a family outing to an air show, he had no idea it would shape his future career helping him become a U.S. Air Force pilot. "Lethbridge was the first air show I went to when I was a kid,”

  • Starting anew

    That with which I take issue is the tendency for folks to unncessarily constrain themselves to a predetermined start date, i.e. “The diet starts on Monday!” or “I’m going to begin saving money starting on the 1st of next month,” or “[insert cliché New Year’s Resolution here] on Janurary 1st!” Ugh.