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  • Women’s history: From service without pay to wing vice commander

    Although women were not permitted by law to join the military on a full-time basis until 1948, they have been an important part of recorded U.S. military history dating as far back as the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, both civilian and military women work alongside men to support the Department of Defense’s mission. They can be found in what were once male dominated career fields such aircraft mechanics to refitting tires. For women in leadership positions such as LeVan, it has been a lifelong dream, one that was reinforced by two of her biggest supporters, her parents.
  • Wrench thrown in navigator’s plan

    In the 1970s, Norton Air Force Base, California, was home to Air Mobility Command, meaning lots of heavy aircraft and even more maintainers to keep its mission going – among the many were Dennis and Ruth Barmore, a machinist and sheet metal specialist, respectively. While serving in an aircraft maintenance squadron together, they met, fell in love, married and had their first born son, Harley. More than 40 years later, their legacy has come full circle. While Ruth separated after her first enlistment, their son, now Lt. Col. Harley Barmore, continued to follow his father’s Air Force maintenance career from base to base. Over the years, he developed an appreciation for the craft and planned to follow suit.
  • Chapel reinvigorates squadron care

    The foundation of readiness is taking care of people, and with annual military suicides rates remaining steady, the chapel recognized the need for change. After a deep-dive into the issue, U.S. Air Force Major Kevin Humphrey, 55th Wing chaplain, designed a two-phase approach.
  • Thirty-year tennis instructor: A love-love relationship

    Fitness comes in many forms. For some, it is a solo endeavor like weightlifting, or a team activity like football, but for others the passion comes from the one-on-one excitement associated with a sport such as tennis. Larry Copeland, U.S. Strategic Command contractor, fits the latter bill. When Copeland was 11, his mother’s fiancée taught him and his siblings the game of tennis. While his younger brother and older sister hated it, he enjoyed it and continued practicing.
  • 557th WW joins 55th WG for Winter Havoc

    The 557th Weather Wing joined the 55th Wing, Offutt Air Force Base’s host wing, for the Operational Readiness Exercise Winter Havoc. Twenty-one Airmen from the 2nd Systems Operations Squadron, 2nd Weather Squadron and 16th Weather Squadron joined approximately 600 other Offutt AFB Airmen for the late January exercise, marking the first time the wing has partnered with the 55th WG for a mass readiness exercise since the 557th WW’s creation in 2015. “The 557 WW demonstrated its capability to deliver ready weather and cyber forces in support of multi-domain operations against any adversary across the entire spectrum of conflict,” said Lt Col. Kenneth Roberts, 2nd Weather Support Squadron commander and 557th WW Crisis Action Team representative for the exercise. This first phase of the exercise focused on pre-deployment preparations, getting Airmen ready to deploy and moving cargo. Phase two will continue in the spring.
  • Legal mitigates environmental impact

    Public math can be a nightmare. For instance, try multiplying 12, the average number of copies needed for each exhibit in a case, by 200, the average number of pages per exhibit, by 30, the average number of exhibits per case. The 55th Wing Judge Advocate office recently recognized advancements in technology meant this wouldn’t always be the norm. They decided to bring the future faster by purchasing tablets for use in courtroom procedures, making the legal process faster and more efficient.
  • Cold War-era wall mural comes down

    The piece is comprised of 13 panels of plywood adorned with oil paint and mediums such as foam, paper and cardboard to create a 3-D effect in selective areas. “We were invited to come and recover and conserve the piece,” Strehle said. “The mural has seen some damage of the last 60 years from people touching it due to the 3-D effect. We thought there would be more of that in the future.” Strehle, along with eight volunteers, made a several reconnaissance trips to the base in order to plan the removal. In January the official move was made.
  • Sub-zero temps won't stop the warfighter

    Offutt Airmen battled through some of the coldest weather to hit Nebraska in decades as they participated in the first 2019 Operational Readiness Exercise held here January 28 – 30. The exercise, appropriately named Winter Havoc, tested Offutt’s ability to process a large amount of troops and cargo. All together, the IDRC and Deployment Control Cell processed 120 increments of cargo, weighing 236.4 short tons, as well as 560 personnel and 10 simulated aircraft called chalks.
  • Defenders caught on camera: Innovation funds the culprit

    Improving readiness just got a whole lot easier for the 55th Security Forces Squadron who used innovation funds to purchase several action cameras. They recently put the cameras to the test for the first time during an active shooter exercise at the 55th Wing Legal Offices. “The cameras allow for multiple angles and remove officer and bystander perception from the training as it is captured with the devices,” said Tech. Sgt. Raymond Santiago, 55th SFS Operations Support NCO in charge. “During intense situations, adrenaline increases, which can cause misjudgment or misrepresentation of the truth. The camera alleviated the singular point of failure and allowed our team to pin point and walk through the scenarios with real-time accuracy.”
  • AFSVA hits the road to select best in food service programs

    Civilian and military evaluators hit the road recently to determine which Air Force installations have the best food service programs and which will earn the coveted Hennessy Trophy. Evaluators are travelling to nine installations -- one representing each major command -- to determine the best food service programs in the Air Force and award the coveted Hennessy Trophy.