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  • Airmen come together to strengthen 386th AEW security

    Force Protection (FP) Airmen assist in safeguarding the base and its populace. These Airmen often act as security escorts and may deter insider threats by ensuring Other Country Nationals (OCNs) complete duties within their service contracts.

  • 366th Security Forces Squadron Supports New Parents

    The Air Force dubbed 2019 as “Year of the Defender” for security forces members. The 366th Security Forces Squadron was so excited about this announcement, they decided to grow their numbers - and not in the traditional sense. Twenty-one babies were born this year within the squadron, giving birth

  • Augmentees pump up Security Forces’ power

    On a calm Monday morning I was typing at my desk when my superintendent came up and told me I would be training with Security Forces. As part of the augmentee draft, I had the opportunity to experience what it was like to train under the 20th SFS and learn how to work beside the base defenders.