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  • Policy changes allow Airmen to retrain into special operations

    In a move to meet the high-demand signal for the Air Force’s Battlefield Airmen, the service announced changes to retraining and cross-flow, outlined in a policy memorandum dated April 25. The changes allow Airmen to be released from their current jobs in the Air Force to cross-train into the Special Tactics career fields, should they be selected following an assessment of physical, mental and psychological attributes.
  • Airman participates in EOD immersion

    Leaving a career field can be a scary proposition for an Airman who has been performing and learning the ins and outs of their job for the better part of a decade. The new career they choose may or may not be a good fit. Despite that, Staff Sgt. Michael McNally, 355th Maintenance Group scheduler, recently became eligible to retrain into another career field, so he decided to change direction.