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  • NDI Airmen enable ISR mission Air Force wide

    The 319th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron nondestructive inspection team is the first of its kind to travel the world performing inspections on RQ-4 Global Hawks with a mobile automated scanner system across the U.S. Air Force.

  • NDI: Ensuring structural integrity and peace of mind

    Inspections are nothing new to the Air Force. In fact, there is an Air Force specialty code within the maintenance field specifically for inspections. Whether at home or deployed, the mission for the 2A7X2 Nondestructive Inspection Airman does not change. They work daily to ensure the structural

  • NDI Airmen acquire new X-ray system

    The 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron nondestructive inspection flight received game-changing equipment in January.The equipment, which is a next-generation X-ray processing system, is projected to provide the numerous agencies at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, served by the nondestructive

  • NDI: catching the smallest problems

    The Non-destructive Inspection Lab inspects aircraft structures and sub-assemblies for defects and foreign objects by performing oil analysis, fluorescent dye penetrant, fluorescent magnetic particle, ultrasonic, eddy current and radiographic inspections. With these processes the NDI Lab can inspect

  • X-ray vision?!!

    Well, X-ray vision not quite in the way most would imagine, but a form of X-ray vision nonetheless.Usually the stuff of sci-fi movies, fictional superheroes, or comic books ads, the digital upgrade to a base Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) laboratory's X-ray system has greatly improved the workflow