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  • AFTAC names lab after ‘giant’ of nuclear forensics

    The Air Force Technical Applications Center dedicated its research laboratory in Colorado after a pioneer of gas analysis techniques at a ceremony held Oct. 24, 2017.Formerly known as Operating Location GT, the Harkins Laboratory Complex was officially named after Michael Harkins, a nuclear engineer who served as the senior scientist of AFTAC’s
  • Cyberspace domain critical to Nuclear Treaty Monitoring

    The Air Force Technical Applications Center here is charged with ensuring each and every nation across the globe complies with the ban on nuclear weapons testing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Members of AFTAC answer that call without fail – monitoring nuclear treaty compliance is their business.To accomplish this herculean task, the center
  • Tech Ops Squadron is heartbeat of nuke treaty monitoring from air, sea, space

    When the Department of Defense needs bombs on target or fighters in the air, they reach out to any number of flying wings within the Air Force to task their squadrons to accomplish that mission. Yet when they need near-real time data of potential nuclear detonations, to include ballistic missile detection, radioactive plume debris collection, seismic activity or gamma ray emissions, there is only one wing within DoD that can meet that need.
  • WC-135 Constant Phoenix visits Patrick AFB

    One of the Air Force’s most intriguing aircraft was on display here Feb. 14 to give members of the Air Force Technical Applications Center a chance to get a glimpse of its inner-workings.The WC-135 Constant Phoenix, AFTAC’s atmospheric sampling platform, flew from its home base, Offutt AFB, Neb., with its cockpit crew from the 45th Reconnaissance
  • U.S. National Data Center team reopens channels with Spain

    A group of scientists from the Air Force Technical Applications Center traveled to Spain to meet with seismic experts. Senior Executive Service Director of the U.S. National Data Center Dave Merker, met with members of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional to discuss the possibility of future information sharing on the 20th anniversary of AFTAC’s transfer of Detachment 313 Sonseca Seismic Station to the IGN.
  • Despite storm threat, treaty monitoring mission continued, uninterrupted

    AFTAC, the Department of Defense’s sole organization dedicated to nuclear treaty monitoring and nuclear event detection, marshaled its contingency operations team Oct. 4 to deploy to its alternate operating facility in Texas. Our national decision makers rely on us and our ability to provide uninterrupted 24/7 access to potential nuclear events around the world, and we go to great lengths to ensure we provide and deliver those capabilities to our senior leaders.
  • AFTAC contractor recognized for 30+ years of service

    For more than three decades, Dr. Anne S. Henson has focused her attention on physics, geophysics and seismology, and that hard work paid off: her company recognized her with a token of appreciation for her continued dedication.