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  • Cyber awareness: Protecting your personal information online

    Some still make sure that certain data about themselves is protected while others believe that there is no real protection. In all reality, anyone can find statistics about you if they were to put your name into a search box and click, “go.”
  • Commentary: Eustress, Distress, What’s stress?

    Let’s be honest, despite our best planning, our best day never goes exactly as planned. Life throws us curves when we least expect it. Our response to those stressors show our resilience and true strength of character.
  • Holloman recognizes emergency medical technicians

    National Emergency Medical Services week kicks off May 22, 2017. As an essential public function, EMS practitioners are a vital component of emergency medicine. However, their life-saving services are often overlooked. National EMS week, established in 1974, serves to honor EMS practitioners and their contributions to families and communities across the United States.
  • America's Armed Forces Kids fun run 2017

    The Youth and Teen Center hosted the Art Blast color run 5K and the America’s Armed Forces Kids fun run on May 20, 2017 at Holloman Air Force Base, N.M.“The turnout was amazing,” said Harry Miller, the 49th Force Support Squadron Youth Sports Director.  “In addition to the large number of adults that showed up for the 5k run, we had 89 youngsters
  • Holloman hosts carnival, Autism awareness run

    The Youth and Teen Center hosted the Military Children’s Carnival and an Autism Awareness fun run on April 22, 2017 at Holloman Air Force Base, N.M.
  • Swab-Thru 2017: Get swabbed, save a life

    The 49th Medical Group hosted Holloman Air Force Base, N.M.’s first ever Swab-Thru, a special drive-thru bone marrow donor registration event, April 20, 2017. The event was held in the parking lot across from the MDG. Over 100 Airmen nestled their cars into the lot and registered with the “Salute to Life” program, to show their support for victims
  • No ground power, no air power

    He sits crouched, with the sleeves of his sand shirt rolled just beneath each elbow and a screwdriver in hand. A pair of yellow-lensed glasses are perched atop the bridge of his nose, protecting his concentrated gaze. With each rotation of his wrist, the screwdriver turns, its bright orange handle a stark contrast to the white of his skin.
  • Specialized attorney provides trusted counsel in times of need

    Sexual assault is something that can affect an individual for the rest of their life. The victims of sexual assault often have residual emotional and psychological damage. These effects are hard to deal with alone, but, with the right help, victims can take a big step toward recovery.