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  • Prime BEEF aids in hurricane rebuild

    Airmen from all over the country have joined Team Tyndall on the road to recovery. For some, the call of duty comes from right next door. Airmen from the 23d Civil Engineering Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force Squadron, Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, narrowly escaped the wrath of Hurricane Michael themselves and were some of the first to come to Tyndall’s aid. The Prime BEEF Airmen arrived at a battered Tyndall on October 16, 2018, and immediately set to work to build tents, restrooms, showers, and shaving facilities for Airmen who had previously been bedding down in unoccupied offices, fitness centers, and hallways.
  • AFIMSC helps Tyndall get back in the fight

    As Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, recovers from the full-force punch leveled by Hurricane Michael Oct. 10, members and teams from across the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center are helping the base get back in the fight. AFIMSC Vice Commander Col. Pat Miller leads Task Force Phenix to assess the long-term usability of facilities at the installation. Col. Seth Frank, chief of the AFIMSC Force Protection Division, commands Task Force HARP (Housing, Assignment, Relocation and Posture), which is helping Tyndall Airmen and families with housing, family living issues and relocation. Other members of AFIMSC are serving on the task forces to deliver installation and mission support requirements, and others are providing reach-back help from the center’s headquarters in San Antonio and other AFIMSC locations across the globe.
  • Faces of Recovery: Resilience through tragedy

    As the majority of Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, was devastated by the severe damage caused by Hurricane Michael, thousands of Airmen, families and civilian workers were forced to evacuate the base. One evacuee shared her story of how she maintained resilience throughout the ordeal.
  • Press Release: Oct. 23, 2018 Tyndall AFB Access

    Team Tyndall, I would like to pass my sincerest appreciation for your patience during this trying time. We are pushing to move as fast as possible while ensuring we maintain a safe and secure environment for you and your families.
  • Press Release on CONUS Evacuation Order (EO) for all Individuals Assigned to Tyndall Air Force Base

    This Press Release provides information that relates to the Evacuation Order issued 8 October 2018, and as amended, for Tyndall AFB personnel. Nothing in this release is intended to terminate evacuation entitlements. Tyndall AFB and parts of the local area are still without basic services and utilities. Additionally, many hazards remain, which may affect personal safety. Notwithstanding the foregoing conditions, all active duty military and civilian evacuees, along with their dependents are authorized to return from safe haven location to a CONUS residence pursuant to the following guidance. All other Evacuation Order provisions and requirements remain in effect.
  • AFPC provides Hurricane Michael aftermath information guidance

    The Air Force’s Personnel Center is focused on supporting the Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, community and all Air Force personnel and their families affected by Hurricane Michael. Through the link posted below, you will find updates on Tyndall as well as information for displaced Airmen and families, personnel contact information and helpful links to questions you may have related to personnel actions that may have been impacted by the storm. AIR FORCE MILITARY AND CIVILIAN PERSONNEL AFFECTED BY HURRICANE MICHAEL SHOULD COMPLETE A NEEDS ASSESSMENT SURVEY ON AFPAAS. The evacuation order remains in effect for Tyndall Air Force Base and a stop movement for all PCS/TDY actions has been issued. For now, personnel should remain at their safe locations.
  • 11th Annual Homeless Veterans Stand Down

    The 11th Annual Homeless Veterans Stand Down took place Sept. 27, 2018, at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center in Panama City. The event provided services to veterans in need as well as connected those who have served to those who are currently serving.
  • Job well done Jack

    “It’s never easy to lose a member of your team, and last Tuesday was that moment for this unit,” the major said solemnly while addressing the crowd. “The unit lost a teammate, lost a family member, and these handlers who sit here today lost a very good friend.” Major Joshua D. Frizzell, 325th Security Forces Squadron (SFS) commander, was speaking to the crowd about Jack, a military working dog (MWD) and distinguished member of Team Tyndall, who died Aug. 28, 2018.
  • Force improvement led by junior Airman

    Upon graduating from college, she worked as an admissions counselor. However, she was looking for something bigger than herself, bigger than what she was used to. She wanted a more fulfilling career, something that made her feel like she was a part of a team. But after waiting nearly two years for a spot in a police academy, she decided to pursue other options. At the age of 24, her journey landed her in an Air Force recruiter’s office.